Economic Development

New Voice. New Ideas. New Vision.

Providing employment opportunities for our citizens needs to be a priority for the Region. There has been a significant shift in the Region where at one time a majority of our employment was a result of the manufacturing sector. That is no longer the case.

We are now part of a global economy that is very competitive. The formation of the Waterloo Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) a number of years ago was a step in the right direction to recognize the global economy. Through the WEDC we need to strengthen our relationship with the Toronto Waterloo Technology Corridor so the world sees the potential in this geographic cluster.

It is imperative that we are able to brand our Region as a single destination in order that potential investors who are looking at locating their business in Waterloo Region will see us as an attractive place to invest. With intense global competitiveness, it is imperative that collaboration and harmonization of municipal policies among all municipalities in the Region becomes a priority.

As investors look to the possibility of locating in Waterloo Region, not only will be they be interested in fundamental requirements of operating a business, but they will also want to make sure our health care and educations facilities along with adequate and properly funded arts and cultural facilities are available and accessible for employees and their families.

I want to support and provide leadership that will enable the current WEDC to fulfill its mandate to promote Waterloo Region as a single destination for businesses looking to locate in our Region and create employment opportunities.

Economic Development and Employment Opportunities in Waterloo Region deserves….

New Voice. New Ideas. New Vision.

Change for the Future!

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