Affordable Housing

New Voice. New Ideas. New Vision.

Waterloo Region has experienced unprecedented infrastructure development and intensification in recent years. While this development has been a welcome addition to our Region, it has also had an impact on housing inventory that at one time provided affordable housing.

The ION (Light Rail Transit) is now an exciting reality. The construction of the ION and the intensification that followed displaced many of the people who lived in neighbourhoods where affordable housing was available.

As a Region, we need to work at developing a long-term affordable housing strategy so that those who require subsidized housing are able to live close to our main transportation corridor in order to benefit from the recent construction of the ION.

It is not acceptable that years from now we will boast of a wonderful Light Rail Transit system but those who need to live close to it cannot find affordable housing.  The federal government has announced a National Housing Strategy. This initiative is an historic opportunity for local municipalities to work towards ending homelessness and to supply affordable housing. The Ontario government, through its Poverty Reduction Strategy “Realizing our Potential” program, has also identified ending homelessness and providing affordable
housing as a priority. It is important that we work with both the federal and provincial governments to ensure they keep their commitment to make affordable housing a priority and we need to seize this opportunity.

Many of my community volunteer hours have been spent working and advocating to resolve homelessness and to build affordable housing. I was a founding member of Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region; I was treasurer of Habitat for Humanity Canada; I took a leadership role in a capital campaign for The Working Centre to provide safe, affordable housing, and I was a regular volunteer on the overnight shift for Out of the Cold.

If I have the honour to be elected to Regional Council, using my experience and observations as a community volunteer, I will commit myself to actively work with Regional staff, both the federal and provincial governments and private developers to access these new opportunities to end homelessness and build affordable housing.

Affordable housing in Waterloo Region deserves….

New Voice. New Ideas. New Vision.
Change for the future!

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