The Election Issues

New voice. New ideas. New vision.

Change for the Future

The theme of change is an important issue for many voters in Waterloo Region. Only through new voices, new ideas and a renewed vision for the Region can we continue to be innovative and proactive in how we deliver services to residents in the future.

  • New voice
  • New ideas
  • New vision

Affordable Housing

Waterloo Region has experienced unprecedented infrastructure development and intensification in recent years. While this development has been a welcome addition to our Region, it has also had an impact on housing inventory that at one time provided affordable housing.

  • Develop a long-term strategy
  • Public and private sponsorships

Opioid Strategy

The Region of Waterloo is experiencing an opiate crisis which has been escalating for a number of years with devastating effects. People die because of opiate use or tainted drug use – prescription drugs and/or street drugs and people in communities experience a growing concern for their safety.

  • Co-ordinate a regional response
  • Acknowledge addictions can be cured

Greenbelt Protection

The expansion of the Greenbelt into Waterloo Region should be seen as an exciting opportunity with a win-win outcome. Currently the Greenbelt offers Ontarians benefits of human health, improvements in agriculture, protection of bio-diversity, economic gains and buffeting the effects of climate change.

  • Protection of ground water and green space
  • Maintain existing boundaries

Economic Development

Providing employment opportunities for our citizens needs to be a priority for the Region. There has been a significant shift in the Region where at one time a majority of our employment was a result of the manufacturing sector. That is no longer the case.

  • Promote the Region as a single destination
  • Regional and cultural facilities that will attract newcomers


Waterloo Region is rich with opportunity and resources. As we seek new and creative ways to be an inclusive and welcoming Region so that everyone feels like they belong, we need to recognize the diverse needs of our neighbours and the changes we want to see.

  • Creating a community where everyone is included and belongs
  • Open process for decision making


Transportation, infrastructure, and cycling all effect our mobility as a community. We need to ensure that our transportation network provides easy and convenient access to the ION, accessible and safe cycling options, and  expands to link our communities.

  • Creating a community with proper transportation
  • Have well-planned improvements to our infrastructure

Pet Peeve!

We can do better at maintaining the road allowances along municipal roads. For visitors to our community and those of us who live here, grass that has not been mowed or trees and bushes that are not trimmed are not very attractive.

  • Maintenance of road rights-of-ways and medians
  • Increase use of pollinator-friendly plants

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