Greenbelt Protection

New Voice. New Ideas. New Vision.

Ontario’s Greenbelt was created 10 years ago to protect two million acres of land where agricultural, economic, and environmental opportunities could co-exist for generations of Ontarians.

Within the last year, the provincial government initiated a review of the Greenbelt with the possibility of expanding its boundaries, which would include Waterloo Region.

The expansion of the Greenbelt into Waterloo Region should be seen as an exciting opportunity with a win-win outcome. Currently the Greenbelt, which is the largest environmentally-protected area in the world, offers Ontarians benefits of human health, improvements in agriculture, protection of bio-diversity, economic gains, and the buffeting of the effects of climate change.

The most significant part of the Greenbelt review that could affect Waterloo Region is to ensure that the measures already put in place by the Region do not get “watered down” to ensure that the designations currently in place, such as the countryside line designed to protect agricultural land and water are maintained. Other jurisdictions in Ontario have not been as diligent as Waterloo Region and it is crucial that new policies developed by the Province do not weaken the level of protection and existing boundaries that protect farm and environmentally sensitive land.

The Greenbelt review is a winning proposition if the existing policies put in place by Waterloo Region are maintained. We will see protection of our farmland, its natural biodiversity and sensitive areas. It will further protect our watershed, create new opportunities in eco-tourism, provide funding to protect and enhance natural areas for recreation and habitat, and allow farmers the chance to take advantage of the Greenbelt funding which they can use for innovative ideas related to farming and land stewardship. This is a legacy project protecting water, land, air and health for generations to come.

Environmental protection in Waterloo Region deserves….

New Voice. New Ideas. New Vision.

Change for the future!

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