Change for the Future

The theme of change is an important issue for many voters in Waterloo Region. Only through new voices, new ideas and a renewed vision for the Region can we continue to be innovative and proactive in how we deliver services to residents in the future.

Like many residents, I am grateful for the leadership Ken Seiling has given to the Region as Chair. When leadership changes, new opportunities present themselves for conversation around the council table. Whether the change is the Chair of the Region or Council members, change is an important evolution in how we perceive the future where everyone feels they are included and belong.

In some jurisdictions, term limits are placed on the length of time elected officials can be in office. While I am not fully convinced term limits are necessary, I firmly believe that change has a positive influence on how the public can be best served by their elected officials. For many, the most obvious way for a decision to be made on the time politicians should hold public office is for the elected official themselves to decide when it is time for change that will be good for the community and people they represent.

When I was a member of Waterloo City Council, I decided that after eight years as an elected Councillor, it was time to give others the opportunity to share their voice, ideas and vision for the future. I continue to share the opinion that change is a healthy outcome for both residents who receive services and for those who are elected to governments at all levels.

If I have the honour of being elected to represent the residents of the City of Waterloo on Regional Council, I will bring a new voice that will be able to advocate change for the future.

New Voice. New Ideas. New Vision.

Change for the future!

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Jim Erb Waterloo